Saturday, November 3, 2012

Energy? What's that?

Isn't this so beautiful and relaxing?

It's our beach.  We're lucky to have a beach, I suppose, and a five minute's walk from our house.  Unfortunately, I didn't take this picture, for two reasons.  

First, because I take awful pictures.

Second, because I was holed up in the house either writing, thinking about writing, procrastinating about writing, or listening to music (in order to brainstorm for writing).


Life resembles my mom's tea bag more than my beach paradise, however.


I need to write 1,500 words tonight in order to squeak by and achieve my goal, much less work ahead.

And I just now remembered that I had a word war scheduled two minutes ago.

Gotta go.

Go and write, people.


Jake said...

On the bright side of things, my word war left me with a mere 700 words left to write, and doable since it's only 10:15 PM.

Pathfinder said...

Either that's a rather small tea bag, or those are disgustingly large ants. (Indiana Jones, anyone?)

Hannah Joy said...

Ah, the things NaNo does to you....

Jake said...

They're disgustingly large ants, unfortunately.