Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In Which Overachievers Are Rebuked (Nicely)

This is my word count.  (It actually isn't that bad.)

This is my sister's word count.

Anyone see the problem?

Yeah.  Seriously, overachievers, the worst way to encourage another NaNoWriMoer is to get wildly ahead. ;)


Kismint said...

Yeah, it's that weird moment when you feel like strangling your best friend because they're twice as far as you with their word count and making you feel *cough*extremely*cough* inferior.

*sniff* Overachievers.

Pathfinder said...

Ah, let her enjoy it. (Though one oldest child with an overachieving sister to another - I know how you feel. But how often does this sort if thing happen? It makes her feel really accomplished.)

Writer4Christ said...

I'd like to see how you and your sister finish at the end of November.
By the way, what is your sister writing about?

Jake said...

She's writing some sort of standalone fantasy, but nobody knows what. She's even more secretive than I was at her age. (Wow, that makes me feel old o_O)

Anonymous said...

B'HAHAHA!!!! Lolz... Seriously, though, if my word count in the last two weeks of Camp NaNo was the same as the first two weeks, your sister and I would be twins. It was that crazy. (But mostly because I "saved" 75% of the writing until then....)


Anonymous said...

Wow, overachievers can get annoying... when, well, they overachieve. :P