Monday, November 12, 2012

Night of the Living Writer

No, really, that's the story of my life right now.

Night of the living writer. The “living” part is kind of surprising, seeing as I often feel dead after writing. The majority of my writing is done at night, after all, and while it's fairly quiet and gives me lots of time, it does tend to wear on my energy.

Also, today is national Whale Explosion Day. Search Oregon's Whale Explosion on Google and watch the 1970 video. It kind of helps you when you're brain-dead. (:

And besides this, I really don't have much else to post about, other than I'm still on track with my word count. I hit the big 20k today: my current count is 21,130. Not bad! The story is on track. It's a bit slow right now, but it'll pick up in the next five thousand words or so and then hurtle to the finish line.

To those of you who are behind, take courage! You can do it! If you're really in need of motivation, shoot me an email for a word war. I'm usually available from 10:00 PM GMT to anytime after that. (I'm six hours ahead of CST, and five ahead of EST, if you need a conversion chart. ^_^) My email's on the Contact Me page.

Speaking of word counts, how is yours? Those of you who are doing NaNoWriMo, are you ahead or behind? Those of you who aren't doing NaNoWriMo, what's your current project and how's it coming along?

I think Tornado C's lack of brevity is rubbing off on The Voice of God. My MC is about to be launched into the plot head-first, but I'm already eighty pages into the novel! I'm hoping to wrap it up at 50k or so, but who knows?

One thing's for sure...I won't make last year's mistake. If The Voice of God does get long, I'm going to finish it before moving on to other projects. (:

May the Ninja go with you! Or to quote the Myrkian goodbye, “Fare ye well and God ye bless!” Write like the wind, and may your keyboard burn with speed!


Leilani Sunblade said...

Hey'a, Jake! My NaNoWriMo novel is going well; I hit 25k sometime last night, I think. (Or early this morning. One of the two.) Glad to hear your novel is going well!

I shall go look up this whale explosion video posthaste. It sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

An exploding WHALE?! Oh, my stars. *looks up* Watching this one: *watches video* *bursts out laughing* Wow. That was brilliant. Thank you for that. Now I can get 5k done tonight. : )

Technically not doing NaNo - I'm doing Half NaNo (25k words in November). it's going okay. Ish. I still haven't hit my stride and that's probably because of school. : P Anyway. Planning on being crazy and doing an all-nighter sometime this week. : )


Kaycee said...

Whale explosion? Sounds fascinating!

My NaNo novel is going pretty well. I just passed 30k, but I know I am beginning to lag a bit. I have never actually participated in a word war. I must look into it...

Happy noveling! :)

Kismint said...

*Sound of keyboard beginning to sizzle*