Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ho, ho, to NaNo I go!

Popping in again, folks, this time with an excerpt. I wrote this bit of dialogue and then laughed myself silly over it. Not because it was funny, but because it was so fun to write.

I was experimenting with new cultures and accents. I borrowed from some British sources for inspiration (not lingo), but for the most part this is original. The names are mostly anything I can think of that sounds different than the rather “Western” fantasy culture I set up in the previous two books.


“I've guests,” Iorkus called back. “If ye go that way, tell the Lieu that I'll be there presently. These ones have been on their feet all this past day and I must get them settled in the quarterhouse.”

“Larky, Ior! Call him that again and he'll string ye entrails from one end of the 'Worg to the other!”

The man spoke so fast and with such animation that Edon had trouble following the conversation. The Myrkians might have spoken a civilized tongue, but their speech was queer.

“Ye take my word to him, or no?”

“I'll take it, Ior, but only if ye join me for a cup of coff and a game of cards later on. I know a corner of the 'Worg that even the Ecclesian can't sposh.”

“I'll take the coff if ye leave the cards,” Iorkus replied.

“I was playing fun with ye, Ior. No cards, then, and I'll get the Lieutenant that message prompt, eh?”

“Many thanks.”

(Note: Iorkus is pronounced “your-kiss” or “your-kuss”. Ior is pronounced “your”.)

How's it going for you all? Holding steady, I hope? Forth the words and count the bluffs!

Or something like that. [insert war cry here]  

What about you lot not doing NaNoWriMo?  Doing any writing, or is school currently digesting you?

Geronimo! Er, I mean, NaNoWriMo!


Jake said...

By the way, my wordcount is now 6,700. About 6,500 of those words have been written after dark; perhaps 4,000 of those after 10:00 PM.

Kaycee said...

Those accents are really cool! Maybe if (lol..when) I ever get in a writing rut during NaNoWriMo I'll try some dialogue with accents.

My NaNo novel has been smooth sailing so far. (The writing...not so much for my poor characters >:) ) Probably won't be so smooth in a week or so. But hey, smooth seas never made a skillful sailor...or writer. :P

Happy Writing!

Cosette said...

Sposh?! I LOVE this word. 0_o

Jake said...

Sposh is to have someone crack down on activities generally frowned upon. In this case, playing cards. ^_^ The Ecclesian (a fairly major character; Ecclesian is his title) is famous for his rigid rules, even though he has barely been ordained a month, and a "work of terror to be sure".

Eruantien Nenharma said...

My NaNo is failing. I have a 100k goal and I'm really far behind. :/