Thursday, November 1, 2012

So It Begins

That's it. I've finally started NaNoWriMo. Book Three of the Prophecies is officially underway. After midnight last night, I wrote a flurry of words; my current word count is 1,748, or it was at the time of this writing.  (That's the problem with scheduled posts...)

How's your writing coming, folks? Reached that 1,667 word goal yet? It seems easy, doesn't it? Too easy, in fact. And it is. Believe me, just two hundred words will seem like a million a couple weeks from now. Enjoy the easy going while it lasts. ;)

Oh, and my apologies for not getting it up sooner, but I have written up a rough (and rather long) synopsis for The Voice of God. Feast your eyes upon this, mates!

Everything you know, everything you thought you's all wrong.”

Far beneath the ground, the realm of Myrk stirs for the first time in eras. They've tunneled deep and confined themselves from the rest of the world, but the coming of five strangers is going to change everything.

Edon Silversword is one of those five strangers. Once called the Champion, he discovers in Myrk that Arowdae has been lied to for generations. Combined with the news of his parents' deaths, he struggles to keep his faith. He's found the Prophecy of Einarr, but wracked with a strange illness and grappling with this news, he has to set out on a quest he's barely prepared for. Accompanied only by a Myrkian guide who won't stop talking, and his faithful friend Knerath, Edon must go far to the north, to the fabled Icedelves...and into the unnatural darkness created by the Daske.

In Myrk, his companions—Sirius, Ryni, and Rozan—have to stay behind to convince the pacifist High Presbytery of Myrk to defeat their subterranean enemies and rise up one last time to defend a country they thought they had abandoned. For a new Dreadman has arrived in Arowdae, and with new devices of war from his master, he begins to set in motion a plan to destroy all resistance against him.

At least, that's what they had planned. But when Sirius learns that the Dreadman is not the only new arrival in Arowdae, he faces a terrible decision: to disobey the strict orders of the High Presbytery and risk losing their support, or to set out on a desperate attempt to rescue the man he once called his father.

Meanwhile, in Kr'ark, the disappearance of the Silverswords leaves a gap in leadership. Farion steps in to fill the hole, but the people are growing complacent and he needs an army to fight off the encroaching darkness. With the false king Reine making moves to obtain control over the city, Farion struggles both with the burden of leadership and desperate loneliness.

The darkness is growing, and the faith of all followers of the High Lord is being tested. But there is one last promise held out in the Prophecy of Einarr, and it is the only way Edon Silversword may be able to make sense of the mess and regroup the scattered forces of good.

He holds on to the hope that he is promised: that he is the Witness, and will hear the voice of God.

Thoughts? Synposes of your own? Share away; but don't go reading my blog when you should be writing. Drop down and gimme 2k! ;)


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Possum.

I can't wait to hear how your NaNo writing goes!! I'm probably not going to do it.... I'd prefer to just watch everybody else. : )


Leilani Sunblade said...

Your NaNoWriMo novel sounds awesome. I'm glad writing it is going well for you!

My own NaNo novel is also going well; I got a lot written yesterday. (About twice as much as I actually needed to.) I still need to write at least 5-8 pages today, though.

Eruantien Nenharma said...

Wow, niiiiice. :) I have a synopsis right here:


Synopsis: We lost World War II. Hitler won. He destroyed all who opposed him, and got rid of any city that refused to obey him. It has the left the world in 2999 broken and desolate. Only a few major cities remain, beaten into submission. All other militia, besides the German army, have been crushed. At least, the leader of Germany believes that to be true. The British SAS has created a secret underground base, where they plot and plan, waiting for the right moment to strike.
One day, seven British soldiers are sent out on a mission to assassinate the German leader. It is a last ditch attempt; the world will end if they don't succeed, and if they die, then it will not change anything.
And so the fate of what little world is left rests on the shoulders of seven men, led only by their hope and by God.



Abbey said...

Nice plot! Sounds cool.

I really like yours as well Nenharma.

As of yet, I don't have a synopsis yet. But I do have a title! Something I've never had at the beiginning before....
My current word count in 3,144 and the end of day 2.