Monday, October 4, 2010

The End is Near...

One week.  That's all that's week.  This giveaway is going to one week.

Want to get in on it?  Click here.

As of right now, we have six entrants.  Remember, I am giving away TWO copies of Isle of Fire--providing I have at least ten participants.  Those of you who are in the giveaway, tell people about it!  If you can get a person to join--and the participant count passes 10--then your odds of winning will double.  Of course, then, you don't want people to know about this giveaway. XD

Oh, and the new banner is rather nifty, eh?  :)   Feel free to copy it and spread it around, as well as with the old one.


The Word War is TOMORROW!   Here's what's goin' on. 

The basic rules?  Write anytime from 6:00 your time to 10:00 your time--and only between then.  Use the post that I'm going to post tomorrow to keep us updated on your progress.

How do you win?  Easier said than done--you must write the MOST WORDS IN THE ALLOTED TIME than any other competent.  :)  (I'll be participating, but my own words won't count) Once it is past 10:00, post your before-and-after word count--and the total words you wrote in the alotted time--in a comment.  I will wait one day for all of the competents to comment (if you don't comment and tell your word count during that time, your word count is void!), and then announce the winner. 

The winner of the word war wins two things!  An extra entry in the giveaway--one for competing, and one for winning--and a coolio little banner that you can copy off of my blog and put on your sidebar.  :)

Get ready...for the end is near.  >_>


Elven Princess said...

I want to enter. :D This is Elven Princess.

Eldra said...

I'm in again!!!! I love word wars!!!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

The war's today? Well I'm pretty darn busy sadly :P What if I attacked this on Wednesday? :-)

Miss Pickwickian said...

Is this 6AM to 10PM?

Jake said...

No. PM only. I'm posting on it now. :)