Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Cue Fireworks, Dancing, Rejoicing, and a Hefty Dose of Free Pens]

Do you know what this means, readers?!  DO YOU?!!

This means that SADAAR IS FINISHED!  Hallelujah!  *throws out random candies*  It is finished, readers!  It is finished!  It is finished!  *chants over and over*  It is finished!  Praise Saar!

The final word count? FIFTY THREE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY FOUR!!!!!  (53,184!!!)

That's over three thousand words above my goal! :D  WOO!  And just in time for NaNoWriMo!

My pen is on fire!  No, really...

WHOOO!  YEAH!  *dances around flaming pen*  Wow... I am exhilirated.  Just a few moments ago I wrote 'the End' on my novel.  >_>  I am serious. 

Okay, time for me to go and take me flaming pens with me. ;)  Farewell!

Signed with a flaming pen,


The Director said...

YEEEEEHAAAAAA!!!!! WOOT WOOT! *runs to grab the random candies that were thrown*

Hallelujah Lord be praised! So happy for you!

Clapping and cheering and grinning wildly over here!!!!!

You ROCK! :D

Isn't "the end" the most beautiful pair of words you've ever seen????

Autumn Elizabeth said...

YEEEEEAAAAHH!!!! Woo woo! Hmm. The fact that I've written less thatn 100 words of my NaNoWriMo novel dims my excited spirits considerabley... Ah, well. I'm so happy for you!!!!!!! I wish I could read your whole novel. :) Maybe you should publish it... *looks at Jake with huge begging eyes, much like Puss in Boots from 'Shrek'* You are quite fortunate to be one of the few teenage writers who actually write 'The End' on a work of their's before they drift out of the teenage years. :P LOL I'll one of those soon enough!!


Eldra said...

Seriously??????? That's the best news I've heard all day!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! Besides NaNoWriMo and OYAN, what are you planning on writing next? (And you didn't use nearly as many caps as I thought you would. . .)

Jake said...

Thanks so much, everyone! :)

I tried to keep my caps to a minimum. ;)

Besides NaNoWriMo and OYAN? I have a lot of ideas floating around. :) But one of the most feasible options would be either a prequel or a sequel series to this trilogy that I have just finished. Of course, my NaNo novel is promising to be very interesting as well...I may just have to write a sequel to that, as it would require a sequel. Perhaps I shall save that one, however, for NaNo next year. :)

Beorn said...

Jake, three books before highschool. That is amazing.

You're gonna be a big writer some day :D

Squeaks said...

*stares at screen with blank face*



*BURST out into a crazy dance with squirrels and chipmunks flying from pockets.*

*Throws confetti in air with GUSTO*

*Starts the biggest bonfire in honour of the completion of the third book of the great Saadar*


*whistles and sings and watches the Rocky Mountains dance the jig*


Signed with joy for the Completion,


Jake said...

Thanks, Squeaks! *is deeply honored*

Actually, I am in high school, in regards to my schoolwork. >_> But in age...last year of middle school. :)

Vrenith said...

I told you you should write a prequel or sequel series!!

Signed with a Rabbit claw,

Archer said...

That is amazing!
When do you think you'll get them published, if you are thinking of getting them published.
Gotta go.

Be Blessed:)

Jake said...

I have no idea. :)