Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Load your pens!  Make sure you have a good supply of ink!  Prepare your paper!  The word war begins...NOW!  It's six o'clock P.M. here--whatever time it is there, the word war starts at six o'clock P.M.

Here's the rules in a nutshell; 

Write anytime from 6:00 P.M. your time to 10:00 your time--and only between then.  Use the post that I'm going to post tomorrow to keep us updated on your progress.

To win, you must write the MOST WORDS IN THE ALLOTED TIME than any other competent, not including me.  Once it is past 10:00, post your before-and-after word count--and the total words you wrote in the alotted time--in a comment.  I will wait one day for all of the competents to comment (your word count is void if you don't comment!), and then announce the winner.  

The winner of the word war wins two things; An extra entry in the giveaway--one for competing, and one for winning--and a banner that you can copy off of my blog and put on your sidebar.  


Word War II begins NOW!!!

~~If you have any questions, feel free to comment!~~


Anonymous said...

i'm entering...45 minutes before it ends :P


Jake said...

Good luck, Millard!

Miss Pickwickian said...

I wasn't sure what you meant so I wrote anytime I could between 6AM and 10AM around chores, Bible study, and breakfast. Does that count?

Sorry about my thickness. I've never competed in a word war before. :-)

Hope I still can count, even though I know I'm not going to win. I had a lot if interruptions...but my typing and inspiration is getting faster. ;-)

Miss Pickwickian

Jake said...

Sure! I can make an exception. Great job!

Would ye like to share your word count?

Jake said...

Current word count: 33,414 on my novel 'Sadaar'.

Miss Pickwickian said...

Awesome. Thanks!

I worked between 6-10AM.

My novel is "Where Loyalties Lie". I had 30,872 words before today. I wrote 3,230 words during the time I squeezed in this morning between 6-10. I now I have 34,102.

Next time I'll be more prepared. I'll actually do it during the right time too. I wasn't up at 6 am this morning...lol. 6 pm could work much better.

So, my word count was 3,230.

Thanks so much,
Miss Pickwickian

Jake said...

Awesome! Great job!! :)

Jake said...

Final count! 34,575 words on Sadaar. I wrote a total of 1,161 words tonight. A measly total, but I was absorbed in the book I was reading. :) LOL.

Jessica said...

This is a really cool idea. I like it! I was only able to participate from 8:00 to 10:00 but I got 2,378 words on my story Sufficient Grace.

So I went from 51,422 to ha a cool even number 53,800. :D Sweet.

Thanks for doing this I really appreciate it! There is something fun knowing that out there somewhere someone is pounding the keys just like you.

God bless your work Jake!

Have a great evening...


Jake said...

Awesomeness! Thanks for participating! :)

Jake said...

By the way, would you like to be entered in the giveaway?

Jessica said...

I think I will pass on the give away since I am not a huge fan of Batson's work...I already have too many books on my shelves I can't really legitimately sqeaze in another. But I do think you giveaway button is really awesome and I am tempted to put it on my blog just because I like it.

Thank you for the offer though.


Eldra said...

Ugh. An unscheduled visit to my grandparents' place severely limited my writing time. I'm sad and rather frustrated to say that I only managed to write 200 words this evening. So much for a repeat. . .

But there's always next time! (You are going to be doing this again, right Jake?)

Star-Dreamer said...

Ugh! I had a friend who I was car pooling with to school decide she wasn't going to show up when we decided to meet so I could get home and work on it.... Only got about 700 words out because of it. So sad... :(

Jake said...

Thanks for participating, anyway! :)

Don't worry--Word War III will be upcoming sooner or later. :)

Results for this close at 10:00 PM tonight. :)