Monday, April 12, 2010

Review; The Word Reclaimed

I've been wanting to read this book for quite a while. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to take a look at it on Amazon, and then I flew into a 'bookish' excitement. The book, The Word Reclaimed, was available on Kindle, (I am lucky enough to own one) for 99 cents. Unbelieveable. I couldn't believe my eyes. I rushed into my bedroom, got out an envelope labeled "Emergency Book Fund" (which are quite useful), and took out a dollar, giving it to my mom, since my Kindle account is on her Amazon account.

I bought the book immediately, and I started reading shortly after supper; this the result.

In the far future, the civilized worlds have finally been freed of the curse of religion. Tolerance now rules the five colonies. Thanks to the secret police, no one has been bothered by so much as a hymn in two generations-much less a Torah, Koran, or that most dangerous of books, a Bible.

Baden is a teenager with an attitude. He spends his spare time salvaging wrecks in deep space, claiming for himself whatever the pirates leave behind. One day, Baden finds a book. A strange and very old book, preserved carefully against the ravages of deep space. Thinking he'll become rich if only for the value of the paper, he takes it. He counts himself lucky beyond all imagining. Until it begins talking to him. Amidst an interstellar war that threatens to overthrow the monarchy and drive great families to oblivion, Baden must evade the secret police and their attempts to get that book. Baden never had much use for religion. But it seems one has use of him. (Book Description taken from

Wow. This book was awesome. I just finished it less than an hour ago, and the first thing on my mind was, 'I have to tell people about this'. I first tried my sister, but she was wrapped up in The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson, and she was unwilling to do anything else.

I have read pretty much three Christian sci-fi series; C. S. Lewis's Space Trilogy, Chris Walley's Lamb Among the Stars series, and this. I think that this book is an equal to the Space Trilogy, and although I am very loyal to the Lamb Among the Stars series, this book comes close. I mean, take a look at the awesome cover art! Cover art isn't everything, but a good cover certainly helps.

Steve Rzasa weaves a spellbinding tale with this book, one that grabs you and refuses to let go. This is the first book in the Face of the Deep series.

A plot against a king, a space battle, a race against time... and a Book reclaimed. Amazing. Rated 9.3 out of 10. I use decimals when it's close to ten. :)

I can't wait to buy the next book, which I just discovered was published only a couple days ago. Time to visit the Emergency Book Fund again. I'll post a review after I get enough money, buy it, and read it. I have like 5 books on my list, and 5 or 6 more on my preoder list to buy that the library doesn't have. My library doesn't get books until a year or so after they're published, which irks me. :) To quote Doctor Dolittle, "Money is a nuisance!"


Eldra said...

Libraries are like that. Trust me. It's taken more than nine months for them to bring in a CD that came out last spring!

By the way, I'd like to read some of your work, if you wouldn't mind sedning some to me. My email address is

~God Bless~

Steve Rzasa said...

Thanks very much for your great review! Always nice to know when my work is appreciated.
- Steve Rzasa

Jake said...

You're welcome!