Friday, April 2, 2010

Tip for April 2, 2010; Stamina

Everybody's heard of writer's block, eh?

Stamina, in writing, is plugging on despite writer's block.

Almost every interview that I have read where an author was asked for his or her tips to enterprising writers, he or she has said, 'Write, write, write.'

If you wait for a good time to write, a time where you feel inspired, there's almost no way you'll ever finish a novel.

I find that the longer I wait to write, the harder it becomes to write, and the less I feel like doing it. This is the downfall of a novel. I took two years to write my first novel, and only seven months or so to write my second. The difference? I wrote almost every day on my second novel, whether I felt like it or not.

(PS; I will not be blogging again until April 6th, as this is Easter Weekend)

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