Friday, April 9, 2010

White-Hot Deep Clean

White-hot deep clean. Or deep fry, if you don't like cleaning. Actually, I don't like cleaning, but it sounds more impressive that way.

What am I talking about? 'White-hot deep clean' is the phrase I coined for extreme editing, revising, and rewriting.

I plan to start on it soon. The way I do 'white-hot deep clean', varies, but mostly it is taking each chapter in my book and mercilessly cutting out unneeded phrases and scenes, adding a lot of description, enhancing the characters' individuality, and... Well, you get the general idea.

It's going to be painful, but I'm going to do it.

When I do white-hot deep cleaning, I'm going to take each individual sentence and go over it, wash it up, and make it cleaner. Once I do that to an entire chapter, I'm going to take each individual paragraph and deep clean it, making sure it makes perfect sense and flows together smoothly.

After all this is done, I'm going to read the chapter as a whole and make sure it flows together seamlessly, makes sense, and is descriptive. It will be a VERY effective way to make sure there are very few mistakes.

After I do this to every chapter, which may take quite a while, I'm going to read the entire book and make sure it all fits together. After that, I'm going to set it aside for a month, take it up, read it again, and it will hopefully be ready.

Wish me luck.


Squeaks said...

That's awesome Jake! Kind of reminds me of putting antiseptic on a wound and cleaning it out (of course...haha, it's not quite like that).

All the best on your new journey of editing!

God Bless!


Jake said...

Thanks, Squeaks.

Like an antiseptic, the WHDC burns and cleans all the dirt and unneeded junk from a novel.

Ha, I'm getting poetic now. :)

Squeaks said...


Well, I tagged you! Head over to my blog to check it out (you don't have to participate if you don't want to )


Eruantien Nenharma said...

This is exactly what I'm doing now with my novel "The Night Phoenix". O__O Like, exactly. I'm focusing on individual sentences from individual paragraphs from individual chapters. Wow. XD

And yes, it does take a long time (as you probably found out already). XD