Thursday, May 13, 2010

Part Six of The Dark King

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Now, where was I? Ah, yes, the 'plan'...

The Dark King
Part Six

By Jake

Jarz was inspecting the enemy camp in the early dawn twilight. It had been found only an hour earlier, and there was estimated to be only twenty men left after the fight the previous night. Even with the reduced troops, they still outnumbered the village men one to two.

In the middle of the camp was a strange, bizzare, obsidian rock cave with a twisted wooden structure around the outside. Jarz assumed that the cave was the Servant's dwelling, while Haas was being held in the surrounding structure.

Jarz gave a low whistle that could pass for a bird call, a signal telling the hidden villagers to attack with their bows from their perches in the surrounding trees. The plan was to distract the camp while Jarz made his way through the camp. He was wearing enemy armor, taken from the fallen enemy from last night's battle, as to not cause suspicion.

The musical twang of bows began on the other side of the camp, and cries of alarm came from the tents.

Jarz stealthily crept down the slope and into the enemy camp. He had almost made it to the black rock when another soldier spotted him. “Heah, git ye'self down ta th' fightin'. Nah a tim' ta be a coward, soldier.” The soldier squinted at Jarz. “I ain't remem'er seein' ye bafor, soldier, ware'd ye com'-”

Jarz drew his sword and smacked him hard on the side of the head with the pommel. “Sorry,” he muttered, feeling slightly guilty. “I didn't want to do that."

Jarz made it to the wooden structure with no other delays, and ran up the rickety stairs. On one side, he spotted Haas, gagged and bound. He was facing away from Jarz.

Jarz ran up and cut Haas's bonds. “How-?” began Haas as he was freed. Jarz put a finger to his lips and mouthed, “Later.”

Haas and Jarz ran down the stairs and into the camp, just as Jarz spotted the troops coming back. “Back, back!” he hissed urgently.

The two retraced their steps, but the troops were coming up to the rock. In desperation, Jarz whispered, “Into the cave!”

Haas disappeared into the cave mouth, and Jarz followed him. The cave was small and dark, but provided enough cover from the troops as they marched by the cave mouth.

“Now,” Jarz whispered, “we stay here until they're gone and hope no one finds us.”

A hideous laugh echoed through the cave. “I'm afraid it's too late for that.”


Eldra said...

Yikes!! Who is the guy that found them? Why was Haas captured? Will they escape from him? Augh!! Too many questions! This is getting intense, Jake. Good job.

~God Bless~

Squeaks said...

Excellent excellent!! I totally agree with Eldra...who is that creepy guy aleady in the cave???? I'm so looking forward to the next bit :)


Jake said...

Thanks, Squeaks and Eldra! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :D

By the way, some of the questions in the story won't be answered unless you read my novel. :D

Sorry... I was mostly writing for myself when I wrote this. :D